Server Installation

Installing the SimStack server

SimStackServer requires a Linux system and will automatically download a MiniForge installation on first execution. Installation does not require admin rights on the server machine and can be on the same machine as the one running the client. Download the archive called DATE-simstack-server-environment.tar.gz and transfer them to the HPC machine.

Choose a folder and extract the file:
tar xpf *-simstack-server-environment.tar.gz
realpath nanomatch/
Note down the path of the final realpath command. You will need to insert this into the client, when configuring.
  • If you want to use the embedded MiniForge interpreter (recommended), enter the Nanomatch/V6 directory and execute the file

  • If you want to use your own MiniForge interpreter, make sure conda and mamba are in your path and run

    cd nanomatch/V6
    mamba env create -f simstack_server_environment.yml

    This will create a new environment called simstack_server_v6 in your MiniForge install. Afterwards generate a file called nanomatch/V6/ with the following contents:

    # Change the path in the next folder to your anaconda installation.
    source /path/to/your/anaconda/etc/profile.d/

Once this is finished, continue with the client setup. If you are testing and do not have a working queueing system installed, choose Internal as queueing system. If you are running on a HPC machine, install an appropriate queueing system, e.g. Slurm, and select this in the client.