Best Practices for WaNo development

  • To starting a new WaNo for the first time, download one, copy it into the local repository, and modify it according to the simulation needs. This will speed up the development process.

  • The majority of the scientific packages have a considerable number of parameters, which the end-user may, in principle, change. However, only a small subset of parameters is significant for the particular simulation protocol for reoccurring user cases. Thus, it worth spend a bit of time to select this subset of parameters.

  • In developing a new WaNo, we need to clarify what parameters we need to vary in the protocol and only include those into the WaNo, the remaining we keep fixed in the input files. This decreases the chances of mistakes.

  • Depending on the tool/case, it may be beneficial to provide several separate WaNos for one workflow. Adaptions to the WaNo to allow more flexibility are a matter of minutes.

  • Always prefer to read the inputs parameters from the rendered_wano.yml file. This will avoid overpopulating the WaNo .xml file.